Arthur J. Komar Student Award

In honor of one of our founding members, Music Theory Midwest presents the Arthur J. Komar Award for outstanding student presentations at our annual meeting. Presentations are judged on the originality of the research and the quality and clarity of the presentation itself. In addition to the recognition, the Komar Award recipient receives a cash award and is invited to serve on the Program Committee for the following year's conference. To be eligible, a member is considered a "student" if they have not yet received a terminal degree or accepted a full-time position at the time of submission. A student may only receive the award once.

2017 - Iowa City, IA
Kristen Wallentinsen (University of Western Ontario)
Plainchant and Unicorns: What Fuzzy Set Theory Can Say about Musical Ontology [Abstract]

John Y. Lawrence (University of Chicago)
Hearing Voices in Their Hands: Performing and Perceiving Polyphony [Abstract]

2016 - Fayetteville, AR
Rebecca Perry (Yale University)
Between the Signposts: Thematic Interpolation and Structural Defamiliarization in Prokofiev’s Sonata Process [Abstract]

2015 - Rochester, MI
Nathaniel Condit-Schultz (Ohio State University)
A Taxonomy of Flow: Synthesizing Humanistic and Statistical Analysis in a Theory of Rap Musicality [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: Rachel Short (UC-Santa Barbara)
Three Sailors, Three Musical Personalities: Choreo-musical Analysis of the Solo Variations in Fancy Free

2014 - Appleton, WI
Eloise Boisjoli (University of Texas at Austin)
Defining Sensibility: A Topical World in the Slow Movements of Haydn‘s String Quartets [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: Olga Sanchez-Kisielewska (Northwestern University)
Tonal Relations and Spiritual Meanings in Beethoven‘s 1814 Fidelio

2013 - Norman, OK
James Bungert (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Performing Sagittal Space: an Egocentric Model of Melodic Inversion [Abstract]

2012 - Ann Arbor, MI
William Guerin (Indiana University)
The Aesthetics of Fragility in Stylistic Signification: A “Gnostic” Encounter with Beethoven’s “Heiliger Dankgesang” [Abstract]

2011 - Lincoln, NE
Christopher Brody (Yale University)
The V–I Paradigm in Bach's Binary Dances and a New Subject Category for Fugal Gigues [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: Timothy Chenette (Indiana University)
The Contrapuntal Correctness of Lassus's Prologue to the Prophetiae Sybillarum

2010 - Oxford, OH

Benjamin Anderson (Northwestern University)
Schema Versus Archetype: How the Concepts Differ and Why We Need Both [Abstract]

2009 - Minneapolis, MN

Timothy C. Best (Indiana University)
On The Relationship Between Analysis and Performance in Atonal Music [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: David Bashwiner (University of Chicago)
What is Musical Syntax? An Evolutionary Perspective

2008 - Bowling Green, OH

Michael Vidmar-McEwen (Indiana University)
Franz Schubert & the Etherealized Mechanical [Abstract]

Honoroble Mention: Philip Duker (University of Michigan)
Resulting Patterns, Palimpsests, and "Pointing Out" the Role of the Listener in Reich's Drumming [Abstract]

2007 - Lawrence, KS
Mitch S. Ohriner (Indiana University)
Playing the Role: Performative Agency in Selected Performances of Schubert's Sonata in A Minor, D. 845 [Abstract]

2006 - Muncie, IN
René Rusch Daley (University of Michigan)
Rethinking Conceptions of Unity: Schubert's Moment Musical, Op. 94, No. 2 [Abstract]

2005 - Oberlin, OH
Stuart Thomas Deaver (University of Kansas)
Musical Equivalency of Alphabetical Order in Torke's Telephone Book [Abstract]

2004 - Kansas City, MO
José António Martins (University of Chicago)
Stravinsky's Discontinuities, Harmonic Practice and the Guidonian Space [Abstract]

2003 - Bloomington, IN
Brent Yorgason (Indiana University)
The Melodic Bass: Submerged Urlinies, Shadow Urlinies and 'Urlinie Envy' [Abstract]

2002 - Minneapolis, MN
Yonatan Malin (University of Chicago)
Metric Displacements and Romantic Longing in the German Lied [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: José António Martins (University of Chicago)
Bartók's Polymodal Chromaticism and the Dasian System [Abstract]

2001 -- Cincinnati, OH
Daniel G. Barolsky (University of Chicago)
Score and Performance as Musical Collaboration [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: Stanley V. Kleppinger (Indiana University)
Metrical Issues in John Adams’s Short Ride in a Fast Machine [Abstract]

2000 -- Appleton, WI
Gurminder Kaur Bhogal (University of Chicago)
"Disappearing into the Ether: Notions of Metric Stability in Ravel's Noctuelles" [Abstract]

1999 -- Indianapolis, IN
Julian Hook (Indiana University)
"A Unified Theory of Triadic Transformations" [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: Mark Janello (University of Michigan)
"The Edge of Intelligibilty: Time, Memory and Analytical Strategies for Clarinet & String Quartet by Morton Feldman." [Abstract]

1997 -- Northfield, MN
Clifton Callender (University of Chicago)
"Voice-leading Parsimony in the Music of Alexander Scriabin." [Abstract]

1996 -- Kalamazoo, MI Student award renamed in honor of the late Arthur J. Komar.
Elizabeth Paley (University of Wisconsin)
"Music, Such as Charmeth Sleep: Musical Narrative in Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream." [Abstract]

Honorable Mention: Leigh VanHandel (Stanford)
"Morton Subotnick's A Key to Songs" [Abstract]

1995 -- Iowa City, IA
Wayne Alpern (City University of New York)

1994 -- Bloomington, IN
Co-Winners: Tiina Koivisto (University of Michigan) and Robert C. Cook (University of Chicago)

1993 -- Madison, WI
Brian G. Campbell (University of Minnesota)

Honorable Mentions: Tiina Koivisto (University of Michigan) and Jairo Moreno (Yale University)

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